Haralson apple after five months in storage

Blah. Held up OK, looks good, no flavor, no aroma, poor texture, decent crunch. If this year isn’t better it’s coming off the tree.


Do you like the taste off the tree at all?

I’ve only had the apple once, years ago, from the friend who gave me the scion. I remember it as being pretty decent.

This was not a good season for apples. Although I got lots of decent apples I can’t say that I got many that were really good. Just not enough sun and heat. So I’m not condemning the apple - just putting it on notice!


A haralson grows at my uncle’s old place, and on tasting it fresh, it didn’t appeal to me enough to grow one myself. But, very nice apples. I think he bought it for baking, but I don’t know. He liked cooking with apples.