Hard or soft water

We are establishing an organic heirloom apple orchard and have been honing in our holistic spray program and we’re wondering if it was better to be using water from our softener, or straight water from the well (which is hard and has a heavy mineral content)?

Not sure but I water my plants from the softener, and it has salt content. Not enough to dehydrate the plant but it’s still not as good as fresh water. Not sure what heavy mineral content would harm, I forgot the times I used unsoften water. Actually I water my lawn with the unfiltered water, but I am not sure if the difference other than the adding of salt

minerals are good for plants . salt isnt. as long as you dont have ph issues id use the hard water.

Have you looked into the boogie-blue plus+?

Water from a softener does not contain a significant amount of salt. If it did, it would taste salty. An 8oz glass of softened water contains 12 mg of sodium. An 8oz glass of orange juice contains double that at 25mg. It goes up from there.

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You can use water safely from your well. Almost all commercial orchards and farmers use well water.
The only problem with well water is some chemicals degrade quickly with high PH water. Captan in particular needs acidic water to remain stable for more than a short time. It is easy to solve this problem by adding a half cup of citric acid to every 25 gallons of water.

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Are you serious? Filtering well water to spray an orchard? This boogie filter is primarily designed to filter chlorine and chloramine from municipal water supplies. Well water does not contain any chlorine or chloramine.

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Is that from all softeners, because I have a house softener and during regeneration periods the water tastes horrible, almost like you could taste the salt, but after time it clears up.

One caveat for really hard water; it can be a problem for potted plants. Outside there is still enough precipitation to dissolve salts, on pots the potting media can act as a filter and build up toxic levels of salts. You know you have too much (as in my case) when a white dust starts to build up in the surface layer of your potted plants soil. I still use well tap water but half of the time I use filtered water.

Too much salt disrupts the water balance of the roots, literally making water flow outside of them instead of in. Fortunately it is easy to remedy by washing the salts away.


Yeah I agree

During the regeneration your water could contain some salt, plus it uses hard water for the regeneration. Thats why they are usually set to regenerate in the middle of the night

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Yeah it regenerates in the night, till when is it salty or it varies