Hardy Astringent Persimmons

I get tired of those hard unripe “non-astringent” persimmons some growers have tried to bring to supermarket for consumers to digest. I’ve been looking for the traditional astringent persimmon varieties that are hardy to like zone 5 or so. My zone is zone 6, but I do not really trust it and some people have lost some persimmon trees like Fuyu that is supposed to be “hardy” in zone 6.

I’ve heard about Sheng and Great Wall. I need to do more research. I grow Kassandra hybrid persimmon and we all love the sweet taste. Look for something that is similar taste, but with probably larger fruits.


Cliff England gives reviews on his website… nuttrees.net

He talks about how cold they are tested to and polar vortexes etc.


Yes. I just like to know of the astringent varieties that currently available in US. I think too much effort has been put into the non-astringent varieties.

We bought Kassandra, Rosseyanka and Zima Khurma from C England. We like Kassandra much more than other varieties.

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Inchon has been the most hardy pure kaki for me in my cold zone 6 orchard. It’s survived into the negative teens without any die back. Sheng and Great Wall didn’t survive for me (along with a whole bunch of others).


Some friends here grow Sheng. I’ll inquire how they grow it in Central NJ. Zone 6


Cliff England has one called Shan Xi. It seems to fruit bountifully from pictures he posted on Facebook, and could be cold hardier than other selections having come from northern China. I ordered a stick to graft.