Hardy Kiwi ID Help

These are supposed to be issai, but they sure do not look like it. They are super sweet and the tiny seeds even supply a gritty sugar feel. I have other issai that are real as well as anna. Any idea of what these are?


This is probably the round fruit version of Issai. There are two genotypes in the nursery trade under the name Issai. The longer fruited version is tetraploid, and the round fruit version is the hexaploid. Both have green petioles and look similar, except for the size and shape of the fruit. Most other argutas have pink or red petioles.

I had heard there was two types of issai. These fruited in 3 years without another pollinator. They have sort of a super sweet fake candy taste. Don’t think I would recommend these just because of the size. What would you say the largest hardy kiwi is?

Largest is not necessarily the best and anything larger will need a pollinizer. The only thing I have grown that is really big is Kens Red, which reach 18 grams if well pollinated. Most other varieties will also be larger, but production and taste are more important to me.

Your Issai will also produce larger, bigger crops and better fruit with a pollinizer. Flowercloud male is a good match for either Issai.