Hardy orange Flying dragon to be tested in Z5 Omaha

I got 3 two years old hardy orange ‘Flying dragon’ seedlings that I will plant our this fall to see if they can handle the -20F once in a while here in Omaha. Thanks @lordkiwi for the seeds a few years ago.



plant them now so they can get established. They will die if you wait till fall.

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Plant them now.

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I planted my 3 year old Flying Dragon 1 year ago and it has survived the winter when it got down into the single digits (F). It is about to blossom for the first time.


Mine went down to -12F and did well.

I forgot to mention that my Flying Dragon was not protected from the cold. Also, I have an unknown 4 year old trifoliate that I planted last spring and it survived the winter and is ni bloom.
Steve, congrats on your FT surviving -12 F. Was it protected? Did you have any other survivors.

It was in a 30 gallon pot and I surrounded that pot with a 5 foot diameter fence and filled it with leave to protect the pot. The foliage was all exposed.

It will be interesting to see if it survives. I look forward to your follow up post next year.

I planted maybe 12 or so Flying Dragon of varying ages 2 years ago. Only half of them survived and now two of them have flowers this year! I’m so excited at the prospect of fruit from it!

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