Hardy pecans

hi getting nuts for zone 2 to 5 pecans the best way to germinate them thanks

Stratify in fridge in slightly damp sand or another media. Plant to containers or to the ground past dangers of frost. If planting in-ground, use a piece of 1/4" hardware cloth about 16" square/round/rectangular that lays on the ground and cover it with mulch. In the Fall return once the leaves are off and carefully slide the hardware cloth up and over the seedling. At any point past then, be sure to use poultry fence or similar for upright cages to protect from rabbits and deer.


thanks going to plant then in containers for year or two and sale then at flea markets as hardy pecan trees here in ontario canada


never heard of z2 hardy pecans. where did you get the nuts from?

Green barn nursery in Quebec hardy to zone 2 to 5 called taylor hardy sells trees and nuts, waiting to hear back how its hardy to those zones.

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no nuts from green barn sold out to 2020 nov trees are big 20 feet 3 to 5 years old/ nuts ordered hardy pecan nuts from tree seed in Vermont zones 5 to 7 has anyone heard of them also received 12 nuts from Russia just put them in the fridge for stratfiction

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