Harvest photo gallery


Here is a link to a photo gallery of stuff I harvested this year at the Big Tex Urban Farms. We made our last donation of the year today and that made me want to post this. Hope y’all like the pics! https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fphotos.app.goo.gl%2FUuaYhzCPigLUSFYm1&h=ATMJPCUjjdVG58LcfWm8s3iqb5ISeIM5TqNCSMZtWuBziss30_y-wwae8068RR692Yds0YOFKDv_Twjc2u6vDHdJz58z2aBq06-QZ2qE2bYkWUWnECX9L1dF7tqHXft_trwZIHZPZx_cw4npC14sIuJFiSUM6P-56AeVSdsCK-AWAwBQ1cud8_V0urkCu6bVDN3-xPpJyfsbFwQx_fAzPzAPwkIejCuNDrp8IXxMFD-AlDvKP1QnX13Vz-s65OHqiE_xFdMwbfLSc7YxBLxaSIXgRAMvhU8kWiwbrE6IR64P-Oy8C0a0CI0Q


Beautiful produce, nice job Drew.


That may be the longest url link I’ve ever seen!

Very nice looking veggies, good job. What kind of green beans are those?

We’re growing frozen dirt and icicles here… But, it got to 34 today, almost broke out the shorts. Hurry up spring.


Thank you! I appreciate you looking at them. I am adding citrus and figs this year and maybe some other fruit as well. I’ll post about them soon.



I’m pretty sure those gb’s were provider. They were very good. Brief season before they burn up down here though. I’m going to try a few different types this year to see if I can extend the season. The southern peas crank up soon after though and they always have a long season. It’s cold here too! It is going to be the coldest stretch we have had in Dallas in several years these next few days. So lucky to have a greenhouse to mess around with. I did have to reset a breaker and replace a thermostat yesterday though to avoid a disaster. It never stops! Yes that was a long url!