Harvested last of Heath Cling today

Because Indian Free had a relative crop failure Heath Cling and Victoria were my main late varieties. Heath Cling held peaches for 2 weeks longer than Victoria this year and I just picked almost the last of them. They remain very firm when ripe and should keep in the fridge for another 3 weeks- maybe longer. Brix was much higher with HC than Vic, but Vic cropped much heavier so the contrast may be coincidental to the season, although I’m a bit concerned about HC’s reliability here as a result. I’m sure with less rain and more thinning Vic will get higher brix, but the largest, most sun exposed fruit were fine even this season.

Heath Cling should be an extremely valuable peach for culinary purposes- it is highly perfumed and has pure slightly greenish white flesh. It completely holds its texture when cooked and its peachy flavor comes through. Wish I had enough for my wife to try it in a tart- but that would require most of the remaining crop and she can always use frozen plum halves I put away for her.

At any rate, I second Scott’s motion to nominate Heath Cling as probably a really great late peach for those wanting to extend their season in our zones.