Harvesting and storing seeds

There are a few trees and bush seeds I would like to try and grow next year. They all need to the stratified. Some of them I’m just going to sow on a raised bed and hope for the best but I would like to store some in the freezer.

What’s the ideal way to dry them and then store them there?

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The answer would be specific to each type .
Some should not dry out, some not freeze.
Many need a moist stratification , above freezing but in the 40f range for so many days .
Some can be Dryed and frozen .
What are you trying to sprout ?

Good references…

A good investment if you don’t already have them !

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Gosh, mellonberries which are supposed to be super hard. I may try chokecherries both red and green, amur chokecherries, there is a mountain ash that has fruits I may try just for shiggles, some squashberries, nanking cherries. Oh and bunchberries; I got a seeds for those.

Basically playing around with stuff.