Has anyone here espalier fig?

I’m asking cause I’m trying to find out what is a good spacing for each lateral branch. Does it go by cultivar?

If you want to keep your tree at a manageable height to make fruit gathering easier, I would try to create lateral branches every 2’. Then train verticals coming off the laterals about 1-2 feet spacing. I live in Kent so I only can get a Breda crop, so my pruning technique strives to maximize the Breda crop while minimizing the main crop which never ripens in our climate. Sun exposure is key to your design.

What variety do you grow that produces a lot of breba?

My Dessert king produces Breda very well, my Black Jack also but a few less.

I’m going to do negronne if that makes a difference

Breda is a city in the Netherlands, Breba is the first crop of figs.