Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


I’ve been working on some grape vines that have been around for a while, but aren’t looking too good. So, I’m also thinking of ordering some new vines for the arbor I’m rebuilding. Any recommendations for a good seedless grape for my location (NE KY)? I’m not too partial to the color.

Still considering getting some currants for a newly cleared out fence row- Blackdown, Jonkheer von Tets, Rovada, Pink Champagne and White Imperial.


Same thing happened to my order last year. It charged me around $50 more than the estimate. I caught it before I paid for it. I e-mailed them about it and they fixed it and put the order through for me. Seems like a weird little glitch to keep an eye on when ordering from them in the future.


I was going to cut back because I’m hoping to get the trees from the nursery bed planted out this year (if we can get the contractor in with the track hoe to pull the rest of the stumps). I just listed the trees and scion I have on order for this spring… whoops!

Trees from 39th Parallel: Airlies Red Flesh (2); Dabinett (2); Golden Nugget (2); Jonagold (3); Liberty (3); Mollies Delicious (3); Roxbury Russet (3); NJ55 / Suncrisp (2); Sweet 16 (2); York (2); Magness Pear (3) - Total of 27 trees.

But wait, there’s more!

Scion from 39th Parallel and Geneva :
Airlies Red Flesh; Benoni; Burgundy; Chisel Jersey; Cinnamon Spice; Crimson Beauty; Crimson Gold; Delcon; Doux Normandie; Dudley; Early Joe; Egremont Russet; Farmer Spy; Geneva Crab; Glockenapfel; Gloria Mundi; Granite Beauty; Honeygold; Hubbardston Nonesuch; Idared; King David; Kingston Black;, Lodi; Lobo; Macoun; Mother; Nittany; Nehou; Newtown Spitzenberg; Oriole; Prairie Spy; Pumpkin Russet; Red Baron; Red Cinnamon; Regent; Richelieu; Roberts Crab; Rome Beauty Law; Russet King; Tolman Sweet; Wealthy; Winter Banana; Wolf River

24 M.111 root stock; 12 B.9 root stock; and 60 G.890 Rootstock

I need about 112 trees from this scion to round out varieties I already have as well as replace a few I lost and adding some that are new to me. My goal is to have 3 (or more) trees of any variety apple I have and pears I’ve been trying on multiple root stocks to see what handles our climate and soil best.


Wow! A bunch of goodies!


Going to be busy! Awesome


Lot of great choices. I hope all the scions take for you. You will be very busy when you start.


Ohhh I want to try a Marshall Strawberry too! When you get one, tell us how it tasted? If you get any runners I would be happy to buy one unsprayed.


just ordered archer strawberry from indianaberry.com to replace my evie 2. evie was good but a kind of a pain to keep picked as it ripens though out the summer. id rather pick/ process all at once and if Drew51 grows it, i know its worth it! i have probably 40 red/ white alpines i put out last year so i have plenty of strawberries to graze on all summer. the neighbors boys like them and it keeps them out of my bigger strawberry beds. they can have the little ones. the big ones are mine. :wink:


Plum, I love Century Farms! Have been there and met Dave. A great guy. Fair prices.


I have Marshall, honestly it’s not great, I think it’s more hype than taste.
Hood is larger, much sweeter, strong strawberry flavor, and heavier bearing. It’s really to hot here on the Eastside for Hood. The leaves tend to scorch midsummer. You are on the Westside correct? It was developed in the Willamette valley I believe.


I am on the Westside of the mountains, yes, in Hazel Dell, north of Vancouver, WA. It is not as hot like Ellensburg so we cannot grow melons, but we can grow berries really good and grapes.


Got my raintree package delivered today. =)


I have a Red Dragon contorted hazel that needed to be replaced (the one I got last year died quickly, probably due to poor watering…it got away from me). I also am getting a bunch of berries…

I ordered 2 new Crandall currants (2 different sources), 2 more Tayberries, Marionberries, Canby Raspberry and Caroline. I also ordered a couple Rubus pentalobus and 2 more seaberry seedlings (I’m actually hoping for a male as my 2 females are named varieties and they have not fruited for me since the male I previously had died.)

I will admit reading through the SWD threads has me concerned…lol



I have some rootstock coming from Burnt Ridge Nursery! I ordered 20 BET pear rootstocks and 25 Bud 118 apple rootstocks. So excited to receive these and start some grafting! I also have some scions here and some that have yet to arrive, plus a few that I have snipped from a place or 2 myself :+1:


Woo!!! :sunglasses: the delivery day is so damn fun


60 rootstocks (down from over 100 both the past 2 years)….but that count rises to 75 or 80 counting last years’s failures and seedlings. Mostly apples, but I’ll graft a pear or two, and plan to try grafting pawpaw for the first time and maybe mulberry. Otherwise, just order a smattering of small plants, another blueberry or two, a couple more honeyberries…etc.

And plant apple, pawpaw and jujube seeds I’ve saved.


Are you planting apple seeds for rootstock or to grow out?


Mostly for the experience of it at the moment…but making intentional crosses and growing seedlings to fruiting is in the works, varmints ate all my intentional crosses last year except one apple.


Chrstmas n February. Now thats fun! Shucs some of my eys arent typng


So . . . is this the ‘what are we ordering for 2020’ thread? Guess so.

I posted that I ordered 6 more pomegranate plants (on ‘what’s happening today’).

Surh Anor

We are going to figure out where we can squeeze them in, later today . . . and maybe dig the holes in preparation for their arrival. I’m not amending or fussing this time. Just chopping up the native soil, spreading the roots a bit - and plunking them in!

I also ordered (and already received from Isons) these Scuppernongs. They have been ‘heeled in’ and hopefully survived - till I can get someone to sink fenceposts for a fence/arbor. :weary:

Late Fry
Early Fry
Dixie Red

After this . . . I think I’m out of room. Unless ‘someone’ dies and gives up their space!