Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


Yeah im running into the space problem finally

Grafting is next.


In addition to the root stock (that I’m actually still trying to decide on. Hoping to make my final decision today!) I also ordered 25 each of these June bearing strawberries:
AC Wendy
AC Valley Sunset

And seriously considering ordering the sweet/flavorsome package (#3) of honeyberries from LoveHoneyberry. It comes with:
Giant Hearts
Blue Banana
Blue Treasure
Strawberry Sensation.


I never knew there were that many honeyberries !


thats just from 1 growing program. there are easily 3xs more than that being sold.


Really have taken off from the original 3 or 4
Havent planted any yet not sure if i will


Honeyberry USA (which is not the largest Honeyberry grower) has over 40 named varieties in their trial plots. There are even more than that.


if you do the japanese haskaps are more heat tolerant and best in warmer zones.


This is a great strawberry that I think more people should grow. The highest quality out of about a dozen I’ve trialed.


just ordered Archer. from indianaberry.com. has a lot of good reviews,


This the part of the year I panic thinking I haven’t ordered something when I should have…

I’m still trying to stick to this no spray way of growing so still no peaches or nectarines. Y’all think I’d have luck in humid NE Texas growing apricots without any spraying?


I don’t really know anything about your climate, but have you tried to get recommendations from someone at Dave Wilson? And are you against all spraying? Including surround or neem?


I guess I am. I just don’t want to mess with anything that requires spraying during the growing season. I will prune the heck out of my trees, but I don’t want to do a thing more than just throw down some fertilizer and pick some fruit. I shouldn’t have started out with figs and citrus. They’re just too easy!


I get that. What do you have so far that grows well without sprays? Just curious.

And I don’t want to go too far off topic so I’ll include that I have made a final decision to get (15) ohxf 87 and (15) ohxf 97 from Raintree. I am going to a grafting workshop next month and I was told that I would be able to buy more rootstock there as well (probably apple), so I intend to pick up some from there.

I also decided not to get the honeyberries from LoveHoneyberry, because upon reflection, I decided that I really only want Beauty and Beast and just one of each. Anyone know of a good source (that doesn’t have a “no propagating” clause) for just one each of those two varieties, stateside?


Farm Girl
J. W. Jung Seed & Nursery Co. is a possibility. Although you might find a better price somewhere…they have what you’re asking for.


Perfect! I’ve been searching all day… google didn’t bring Jung up at all. Thanks!!!


Glad to help. Thought about placing an order for those two honeyberries myself!

I’ve ordered from the company…last year got additional red fleshed apple from them.
They do seem to be an afterthought…not at the top of my mind either


Beast is out of stock. :frowning: I wanted to order both at the same time (and I’m adding Blizzard too) to save on shipping. I trying to decide if I should go ahead and order Beauty, Blizzard and Honey Bee now and just try for Beast at a later date, maybe next year. What would you all do?


Go for it – next week they might all be sold out. I understand Honeybee is a fine pollinator.
(Or course, with that name, it would have to be!)


I say go for it too. Get the others in the ground this year


Figs, pears(Tennisou), Apples(Liberty), plums(Methley), persimmons, mulberries, pomegranates, muscadines, hybrid grapes(Black Spanish, Champanel), citrus(Miewa kumquat, Variegated Eureka), pineapple guava, jujube, elderberries, blackberries, goumi, and autumn olive. Cherries haven’t fruited yet, but growing very well(Compact Stella, North Star). Paw paw have only been in the ground a year.

For this year I’ve ordered: Evereste crabapple, William’s Pride apple, Weeping Santa Rosa, an American persimmon called Prok, 3 more named mulberry varieties. I’m on the edge with Pluots. Are they that much different from Methley or Santa Rosa plums? Is there a good, disease resistant plum out there that tastes much different? Any of the hybrids(apriums, etc) have better disease resistance?