Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


I got a call a few days ago about some surplus peach trees. I bought 20. :slight_smile:


moose71, that and the fact that the price is higher for honeyberries vs blueberries…that’s probably why Quebec is planting so many…I understand exports to Japan are excellent too.


NICE buy :sunglasses:!!!


It would have been a nice buy, but when I went to pick the trees up, they weren’t up to a quality that I felt comfortable with, so I had to reject them.


I have noticed that the quality of trees from one vendor to the next varies a huge amount. I have gotten trees that were nothing more than 8 inch sticks, compared to 4 foot trees well branched for a similar price. Made a note not to ever order from there again…At least Century Farms will give a significant price break if a tree is smaller than usual.

Sorry you had to go through that.


Wasn’t aware of a B-10 root?

I’d like a few B-490 to experiment with if anyone has a source.


Bud.10 at Grandpa’s Orchard

Extension Info


Thanks. I’ll check it out. The reason I wanted to check into B490 is for a free-standing replacement for M7.


Paul began to sell in ison, the quantity is limited, the friends who need to hurry to order


Hi Mike, I see this post is from January. In the updated 2020 whiffeltree catalogue they removed the pink candles nanking cherry but added in seedlings.
I had ordered nanking cherry seeds on Amazon in November but I haven’t recieved them yet… considering ordering a couple from whiffeltree to try.


Hey Scott :wave:
Yeah actually I was browsing their site the other day and I noticed it suddenly updated with a lot of new stuff, including nanking cherry seedlings. I’ll probably order a couple of them even though I’m not sure I have the room :slight_smile:

I see you’re fairly close, and we have a lot of the same fruit trees in our yard, would be good to compare notes sometime on how your varieties and my varieties are doing in our climate.


I got my CVN order yesterday. My father ordered a dozen late season peaches. I planted the 5 I ordered today - Victoria, Souvenir, Gold Prince, Avalon Nectarine and Mayfire Nectarine. The trees looked good as usual from CVN.


Hi Mike,
That was my first post in the forum. Let me know if i did anything wrong. Looks like we do have a lot in common. I live in Elora and have a cottage north of Huntsville so what works in Ottawa would be good to know. Almost everything i have came from whiffeltree except last year I ordered 10 haskap and 2 nanking cherries from treetime.ca. The haskaps all lived but the nanking cherries didn’t make it. They did leaf out but then died. One guess is that I may have over watered them, but I’m not sure. I don’t know that I have a lot of advice on varieties. My Liberty apple is my healthiest tree and the one apple I’ve got was great. Squirrels seem to like it

. All three of my pears seem to be doing well but I’m no expert. I trained 2 of them flat (modified espalier?). Just pruned them, i was thinking of posting a picture looking for advice on whether what I’m doing will work. It’s kind of a guess for me. My currants and gooseberries are doing ok but i had a bad hit from both rabbits and sawfly last year. I think i have figured out how to manage both so I’m ordering more this year.


Some aurora haskaps and mustang plum rootstock to try/to play with as interstem any one used/have thoughts on this one?


I bought a Black Ice plum on Mustang. I T-budded a Nanaimo peach just below the graft line, and it is starting to bud out. So far, Black Ice is growing well on Mustang. I wish I could find a place that sells Mustang to my zip code.


Apparently mustang roots easily from cuttings, so if you get a sucker…


I want a muscadine, I’m zone 8b, and I assume they don’t taste all the same. The only kind I’ve tasted ever was in WA grocery stores and a green gold color with brown rough outer skin. It is best grape ever had, second best are the tiny seedless in store itty bitty currant grapes they call “champagne” grapes.

Will this purple muscadine be much different flavor?

Anybody have any idea what those two in store kinds are?


Are muscadines very seedy?


Hey again Scott, looks like a good post to me!
Thanks for the long response. Wow you live right beside Whiffletree eh? Nice. Have you been there in person?
My garden/orchard is also pretty new so I don’t have a lot of knowledge or experience to share yet. This coming summer will only be the 3rd summer for some of my trees, and the 2nd for the rest. So far nothing has died, though my Mont-Royale plum and Juliet cherry came close. Both seemed to be dying last year but then started to bounce back in August, maybe transplant shock. I’ll see how they do this year. I had a lot of damage from rabbits on my blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in the winter. I put cages around some plants and tried to rabbit proof my yard but I don’t think I’ll be getting many berries this year. Was pretty bummed out. Makes me want to just focus on trees instead. The rabbit left my currants alone though for whatever reason. I ordered two apple trees (William’s Pride and Chestnut) from Whiffletree last year and both seem to be doing ok. I got the rest of my stuff from a local garden centre. Their stuff is not bad but it’s all potted and I think some of the plants were too root bound, so I decided to give bare root a try. Definitely going to order more from Whiffletree this year.


I bought a Columbia Sunrise Blackberry today from Burpee,half price,plus free shipping.bb