Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


Good deal! How did you get free shipping?


I have a software application called Honey.bb


I grafted Korean Giant onto my 20th century and it’s the best fruit I ever grew. I put it on a couple rootstocks. I’m excited for those to start bearing fruit.


I planted a Black Ice Plum two years ago. This winter a lot of it seems to have died. I had to cut a good deal of it out. I hope it survives. I had never heard of that variety, before. I certainly never saw it in the local stores and nurseries.

We have a Satsumi, a Sheanandoah, a ‘mystery plum’, a Santa Rosa - and a couple others. We rarely, if ever, get any fruit - even from the well established ones. I don’t ‘get it’ . . . possibly they bloom too early and then all the buds are damaged. And then the darn squirrels take the rest.


I have not gotten any fruit from mine, but it is a prolific grower. As with my other asian pears, it has such an upright habit that Im constantly trying to bring the branches down with stretcher bars. Maybe this will be the year!


My asian pear is in its 10th year and it looks so different from the european pear next to it. The EU pear is nicely shaped with good branching. The asian pear, OTOH, looks like a long j-hooked pole with fruiting spurs all along the top 12 feet.

It seems healthy, it just seems so gangly…



Wait till you taste the fruit. It ripens in October for me which is a bonus too. I tied some of my branches down.



We also have an orchard in Rockbridge County that specializes in Asian Pears. The ones I have had are SO good! A little pricey, too. Cant wait for my first.


My family loves Asian pears. We had never had one until a couple of years ago when we got some from some of the trees that we had planted. We currently have 8 Asian pear trees and we are planting 30 more this year. :slight_smile:


A couple persimmons I ordered from England’s nursery recently arrived. I got the larger size available. Hope their size makes them fruit sooner.


Okay, this needs to be my last order this spring. I just placed an order with Jung. This is their last day for 15% off 80.00 or more and free shipping w/100.00 (free shipping offer was extended to expire April 15th). I ordered:

Honeyberry: Beauty, Beast, Blizzard, Borealis, Honey Bee
Seaberry: Leikora & a Male Pollinator
Gooseberry: Hinnomaki, Invicta, Pixwell, Tixia
Hakuro Nishiki Willow (this shrub is beautiful!)
Giant Flowered Pussy Willow


Sounds great. You could have started the variegated willow from a cutting though, if you’d wanted to save money.


I appreciate you taking the time to comment about the willow. I have about 15 varieties of willow and have a bed full of cuttings that I’m rooting right now, so yes, I did know that they are extremely easy to propagate. I went ahead and ordered it because I don’t know anyone with that variety and if I were to order a cutting from another company it would probably end up costing me about the same amount after shipping. Plus, I’m trying to be a good FarmGirl and not order anything else this spring. :slight_smile:



I have cuttings of currants and seedlings of some other things. I lose too many cutting after they root. (Dry weather or cold weather.) But, I’ve tried a time or two to root lots of things.
Not everything is a success.

Butterfly bushes, forsythia, azaleas, hollies, arborvitae, are some that are pretty easy.
They say hydrangeas, but I’ve not tried. Sweet potato and tomato plants are easy for sure.


I have pink champange and red lake currents in the bed too (among many other things). I won’t lift them until fall. They are much easier for me to take care of in the nursery because it is close to our house. Every year I propagate tomatoes, peppers, sweet potato slips and herbs. This year we decided to order 3 new (to us) varieties of sweet pot slips (or drawers, depending on where you live lol). I ordered 12 of each variety, but I plan to pick them up early in the season so that I can propagate them. I agree with you about not always succeeding. I had some failures last year… I can’t remember what it was though. I think it was some type of flower.


I’ve had failures with red currants, black ones too. But, the ones I stuck this winter have green growth, so hoping they also have some roots now. I do all mine out in the elements, don’t have a greenhouse.


Pink Champagne and Red Lake current cuttings (respectively) waking up, hopefully they take. :slight_smile:

(tried to post some pics, but it’s not working).


I have the Hakuro Nishiki and it is gorgeous! image

Delicate shades of green, white, and pink. My neighbor across the street has someone who does her landscaping (if she only knew how much she was missing out…) and she commented that the willow really stood out and was quite beautiful. A real complement from someone who does it as a business.

BTW this is a stock photo and not mine


Bored, ordered Brightstar, PF 20-007, PF Fashionably late from Boyer Nurseries. Like I needed any more peach trees.


i have this i got as a cutting from a old abandoned house. I’ve gotten compliments on mine as well. since shared it with some neighbors. its under my mountain ash. mines in part shade so the colors aren’t as nice as in the pic. once i get my big spruce removed it will be in full sun. is the english name dappled willow?