Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


Yeah, I was thinking you’d not lived long at the current place? So, kinda wondered about the willows.


This one has been the easiest plant to duplicate for me.Just put a cutting in a pot and wait a little.bb


The last of my orders are about to come in. White Genoa fig cuttings x2 and a Canadice grape cutting from Fruitwood Nursery.
From Burt Ridge Nursery, Marianna 26-24 plums x2, Interlaken grape, Vanessa grape, Korean tea bush x2, Pixwell gooseberry, and White Imperial currant. I don’t know if I will make any last minute impulse buys.
A number of plants have already arrived.

Green Gage plum x2, Opal plum, Prunus americana seedling x2, Chickasaw plum seedling, Krymsk-1 plum rootstock x7, Black Ice plum scion, Hollywood plum scion, Toka plum scion, Superior plum scion, AU-Cherry plum scion, AU-Amber plum scion, Nadia Cherry Plum scion

Persian black mulberry

Queen Cox apple, Cosmic Crisp apple, G-41 apple rootstock, Ashmead’s Kernal apple scion, Goldrush apple scion

Bosc pear, Taylor’s Gold pear

Nikita’s Gift persimmon

White Gold cherry

Frost peach

Himrod grape, Einset grape

Lattarula fig cutting x2, VdB fig cutting x2

Slightly Moldy pawpaw seeds x20

Honestly, it did not seem like that much when I was ordering it.


What are jostaberries good for? Fresh or cooking?


It. Never. Does.
Then the boxes start showing up.

On topic: :grin:I have a VdB that was iffy but really has bounced back. It raring to get outside. 3 of my figs are going into the ground and one im planning on putting in the greenhouse (thats about 20% done) It may be VdB.


I have limited experience with their fruit,but to me,early when ripening,are like a Gooseberry and later,turn dark with a flavor closer to a Currant.I’ve only eaten when picked and am not really wild about them.bb


So my ACN surprise(!) order came with an Ark Black too, on M111. I was supposed to order a Redhaven for a friend. Apparently when fiddling with my cart i kept Ark in and moved Redhaven out.
Now i need another spot for a full sized tree.
Well, there are def much worse problems to have. Hub said he never thought he would hear me complain about too many trees.
Somehow i thought i had 12- ish trees. Naw. 22. Not counting crabs and mulberries.


Plan A, keep planting until you run out of space

Plan B learn to graft and start grafting

Plan C Plant in pots and see Plan B

Welcome to your kind, Reg :grin:


just hacked 4 elderberries to make room for a odysso red apple. 2 grapes and a traders mulberry. just when i think i can’t possibly put in more i get a brainstorm. :wink:


Hahaaa! Indeed!!! :grin::grin::grin:


I have at least 5 Odysso, but none have fruit this year. The Odysso scionwood I put on top of my first FRANKENTREE in 2018 is finally off to the races. Strange tree indeed…about half of the limbs have reddish leaves, the other half green ones!!


The surprise order had TWO Arks on m111
Had to cram TWO full sized trees in. May be crowding illinois everbearing one day. We will see.

I think cocktails were involved with making this order.


I guess I have to add a few more rootstocks to my list. I just ordered 2x g-41 and 9x g-969 from Cummins. I want next year’s apple grafts to have plenty of healthy roots. I also ordered a 0-32 brix refractometer, disposable socks, and 1 kg of GH KoolBloom powder. I may order materials for a callus pipe as well.


What size is 969?


Supposed to be be 40% in WA, and 50% elsewhere.


A little smaller than G890 or M7a


Sounds promising


Do you have Indian Free? Mine never produced fruit and got curl. I’d love to taste it someday.


Isn’t Indian Free supposed to not get leaf curl?


I find it resistant but not immune. Same is true of Black Boy.