Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


It’s supposed to be resistant. But of the resistant peaches I’ve had, it’s the least resistant. My region has bad leaf curl pressure.

Even Frost and Charlotte get some here.


My frost, indian free and July elberta peaches have very little issues with peach leaf curl here in Portland. My trees are small so I just walk around each week in the spring and pull off a handful of infected peach leaf curl leaves and burn them. It takes like 15 minutes. So that may be an option if you keep the trees small.


Hi Jafar, how do you like Charlotte? And what time does it ripen, compared to other well-known varieties? I have a young tree starting, but can’t find much information on it.


It didn’t make much fruit for me, the were small and had a bunch of doubles. I grafted it over to plums.


Very true. My wife is from Vancouver, WA. Leaf curl overwhelmed her attempt at growing peaches decades ago.


Indian free has the most amazing smell of peach perfume


Amazing is the perfect description.


I was also thinking enchanting. I get whiffs off them once they start ripening in my house and I am so excited.

Sadly my tree died this year in the vortex but it will always be replanted as I have not found its equal


I got my first fruits this year off of my third year tree. I picked them all on Oct 9th, the day before our fall rains began. I ate the last one today. They are very good. I assume they will get even better as the tree matures.


Greetings, Yes, I do have an Indian Free tree and it was PLC-free at first. My only other peach tree, right next to it, is a Baby Crawford which is a PLC magnet. I am slow to start spraying things but the BC tree got hit really hard and the next year the IF got a little. The next year, same thing only the IF got a little more. I tried spraying a bit but quite ignorantly and maybe only did it twice…once right before a rain. This year the BC again lost all it’s leaves but survived and the IF again was hit a little harder. I am going to try to be diligent this year with treatments.
My first (and only) real crop from IF was astounding. Deep red inside and out…flavor ~ strong tart raspberry peach. I don’t know what that would turn into as the tree matures. I think it gets lighter inside and maybe less tart. It has not produced the last two years (well, a couple little shriveled ones)…just a bit too much of a strain with the PLC. I had a similar experience with a pluot tree…it made two lovely fruit one year and is right next to Toka Plum disease magnet. Last two years the Toka has barely survived and no fruit on the pluot. (All my trees are just 3-4 years old.)
I had never sprayed anything (for many years) until I brought in plants from outside nurseries. I think it made a difference. Anyway, I see this stuff is not going to go away on it’s own…I gotta get serious about maintenance.