Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


The peaches i have gotten from ACN have been beautiful. Caliper, grafting, roots - hoping you get the same - as well as me lol since i ordered from them this year



Or when all the boxes start showing up :rofl:
Just do what i do, repeat to self ‘i dont have a problem.’


I agree Reg, ACN always sends really nice trees!


Its better to ignore how much you ordered already and just focus on the positive side


If it doesn’t get below 20F for January and February, some cold-hardy avocados and citrus. Otherwise, I’m going to try to snag some Mirabelle plums and finish buying my veggies seeds.


No new trees, other than the 6 potted bench grafted apples that need to be put in the ground. But, I am looking at picking up a few currants (never had them before).

Also have heard good things about a new thornless blackberry called Caddo. Seems like it may be a bit more hardy than the other thornless BB’s I have been growing (except Triple Crown, which has done well here).


What apples did u graft?


Last year, I did Suncrisp, Goldrush and Snapp Stayman; this year, Enterprise, Honeycrisp, and Mollie’s Delicious. All of them were grafted onto M7. I got the scions and rootstocks from a grafting class at a UK grafting seminar.


Hmm. Grafting class. I havent tried it yet i should think about learning bc im running out of space


Yeah, I should’ve at least planted the three I did last year, but can’t figure out where to place them on the farm. Come March or so, I’m going to have to find a spot for all six of them. We have a lot of acreage, but the best spots have been taken up by other trees and berry plants. If I can’t find a place for them, I might donate them to some neighbors who would want them.

Yes, the seminars have been very informative, and affordable. It only cost $10 last year, which included the scions/rootstocks, a nice lunch, a few hours of lectures on pest/disease/wildlife management, and later a pruning demonstration at a local orchard. Very much worth it.

I don’t know where you are, but maybe look into a local state university extension office and see if they might offer a class.

The actual grafting part just showed how to do whip and tongue grafts, although other types were talked about in the lectures. Outside of these six grafts, I haven’t done any other on-tree work, although I think I have some degree of confidence I could do them. Apples and pears, that is; stone fruit I’ve heard is more difficult to get takes.


You can do it, Bob. Once you’ve done a few grafts, it starts to get a lot easier. And the degree of difficulty between apples vs. stone fruits isn’t much of a leap.


Well I thought I’d be ordering raspberries by now. I’ve gone back and forth so many times, but maintenance and unreliability keep coming up. I still haven’t hit the buy button. For now I’m going to order a new mulberry variety. I don’t have a Morus rubra(just hybrids), so I’m grabbing up one called Varaha. Hoping it lives up to its description!


Ordered Contender and Red Haven peaches from Adams County a few months ago.

Today I ordered 8 Honeycrisp apple on M111 and 2 Bartlett pear from Fedco Trees. Got a 10% quantity discount which runs until 1/17.


Im on long island in ny. Good idea i could look around for a hands on workshop


I love mulberries
What kind of concerns are u having with raspberries- the survival chances or the yields?


Thats a good word


Growing raspberries in 8a(near Dallas, Texas), our winters are fine with enough chill hours, but our summers are just too hot. What’s been recommended is to keep them in partial shade and prune them during summer to delay fruiting until later in the season.


PeacefulHeritage seems to be out of all sizes of this tree. Heck, they seem to be out of all sizes of everything they sell

Am I doing something wrong?



Check back January 1st.


Thank you…