Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


Got u. Yr sun is probably pretty intense


Planning to jump into seedless table grapes from scratch. Have a re-configured part of the backyard that will have space available to put in about 8 varieties. I’m going mainly off recommendations from you helpful folk on this GrowingFruit site.

From Double-A Vinyards: (trying to plant in harvest maturity order)

  • Somerset - (red) released 2002, Wisconsin (Swensen), ES-5-3-64 x Petite Jewel
  • Vanessa - (red) 1983, Guelph, ONT, Seneca x (Bath x Interlaken)
  • Jupiter - (red/blue) 1999, Arkansas, Ark1258 x Ark1672
  • Reliance - (red) 1982, Arkansas, Ontario x Suffolk Red
  • Canadice - (pink/red) 1977, Cornell, NY, Bath x Himrod
  • Neptune - (green/yellow) 1999, Arkansas, Ark1562 x Ark1704
  • Everest - (blue - Concord-like) 2017, Cornell, NY, (a complex tetraploid) NY98.0228.02

From Gurneys:

  • Tickled Pink - (pink) 2011, Arkansas, Moored x NY45791
    • NY45791 is a common parent of “Saturn”
    • It appears the yield production of this grape variety was too mediocre for release to commercial growers, but was picked up for Gurney home gardener sales based on flavor.

Supposedly these all should be adapted to my 5A zone in central IA, but I’m a little nervous that Univ of Wisconsin lost half of this seedless grape list (Vanessa, Jupiter, Reliance, Canadice) in the hard winter of 2013/2014. That is also the same winter I lost about 12 of 18 pawpaw trees that had started to bear fruit - and it has stuck with me to gear for tough conditions.


I think I can, but never done any on-tree grafts. My Suncrisp suffered some bad rootstock damage from rabbits last winter, so I may have to try my hand at some bridge grafting, or I may lose the tree.


Might be a bit awkward to do whip & tongue on the tree, but I have. A ‘saddle graft’ will get the same thing accomplished. Or a bark graft. Try grafting one you’re afraid of losing onto a healthy tree.


Hopefully I’ll be planting some Hark pecans to go with my Kanza from last year

Currently on the waitlist :frowning:


I tried to order that mulberry right away this morning from Peaceful Heritage, but they didn’t have the sucker in stock. Time to shop for something else! I need another unique fruit that requires no spraying for solid fruit production.


From Raintree ordered 3 plums:
Bavays Green Gage, Early Laxton, and Coes Golden Drop.
Currants: 3x Jonkeer Van Tets, 1x Gloire de Sablons.
Elderberry: 1x Ranch, 1x Nova.
From Burnt Ridge Nursery ordered 1 apple: Wynooche Early. 1x Saijo persimmon.
Received 1x Liberty apple from Rolling River in Oct. Planted it, but it was so brittle, I’ll be surprised if it leafs out this Spring.
Looking forward to visiting Raintree Nursery when it is time to pick things up.


We have a Tickled Pink and while the flavor is nice, I don’t like it’s smallish size fruit and we have been having problems with it (it’s dying). It could be due to the location as we have it growing with a mulberry on a fence line. A concord that we once grew did just fine being trained up a tree. I’m not really sure why this vine doesn’t like it. We’re in zone 6, by the way.


Wellllll, spent the dollars for 5 Geneva 890 from Cummins. Their cost for the handful of stocks is in line with most, but shipping via UPS all the way to WA state is steep. I want to see how this stock does in our soil & climate.
At the Propagation Fair (Spokane) coming up on March 21, I’ll get whatever Budagovsky 118 & Geneva 30 I need to cover the grafts I hope to accomplish for some friends. I am stooling G. 30 & cut some B.118 pieces last fall and stuck 'em in a bucket. At least two of those will become stooling sources if all goes well.


I hate high shipping costs

(OT…I am always curious how it started to be called a ‘stool bed’
Bc makes me think of poop.)


I’ve now ordered Willoughby black currant, 1301 white currant, some Manchurian apricot seedlings, Zard and Orange Red apricot scion, and Harrison apple scion. Still putting together a seed order; I was waiting for the Fedco catalog, but I think it may have gotten lost in the mail :frowning_man:

I agree on high ship costs, but I get it. It’s always frustrating when I can find most of what I want at each of three places, but end up having to order from all three to get everything I want.


Fedco catalog arrived to me before Christmas.


My real “wait a minute” moment on that was when I saw it in Lee Reich’s stack of catalogs in one of his recent blog posts.


Seeing your list & reading your hardiness concern, I looked over my copy of “The Grape Grower” by the late Lon Rombough. He listed Vanessa & Canadice as hardy to -20F; Reliance to -25F and Jupiter as “maybe -20” (p. 195).
Hope it goes well for you.


Ordered a few trees and a Carmine goumi. I’m going to trial a few more mulberries to see which ones work out for my location and taste great. God help me if they all work out. I’ll be swimming in mulberries in the next 5 years. If most of them do work out, I think I’ll remove a few of my blackberries that aren’t Prime Ark Freedom.

Silk Hope

I currently have:

White Pakistan
Dwarf Thai

I’m still up in the air about trying to get a hold of that World’s Best to add to the group. I keep seeing information that it is a great producer, but breaks buds too early with a flavor that isn’t amazing. I also saw someone mention that it may be similar to Dwarf Thai.


I never heard of it, what do you know about it?


Is the white pakistan a white berry?


Light green. Here’s some in the tree and a few getting washed with Methley plums.


Me too should be flooded with mulberries in the next years…
Currently got: several nigras (chelsea/king james, AGM, regina and a few unknamed others from Portugal, germany and england), some shangri las, 1 oscar, wellington, pakistan, several Madeira mulberries, pendula/fruiting weeping, some italian varieties (gelso bianco, gelso nero, gelso rosso), a few portuguese cultivars (white fruit, black fruits, etc…), a large pinkish fruit type from Turkey rooted cuttings (still small these ones)

Waiting now to arrive 15 more varieties lol…
the list
. Sharanpur mulberry / white pakistan mulberry
. Another normal pakistan mulberry
. A clone/new pakistan variety supposingly more cold hardy
. Gerardi dwarf
. Another Portuguese unnamed mulberry - huge fruits this one
. Illinois everbearing
. Lavendel
. Sugar cube
. Black italian
. Boninensis
. Nigra aalst
. Mulberry bistrica
. Mulberry Moldova pink
. Black Prince
. Collier

And always trying to get more…
Still trying to get silk hope (tried to root like 20 cuttings 4 years ago - none took…), would like worlds best also but bryce declined to post to the EU


Hell of list you will have there! I sure wish I could grow Morus nigra mulberries. I feel like I’m missing out on them. I’ve heard they do awful in the humidity down here in the southern parts of the US(NE Texas).