Has anyone tasted Nectarcots?

Has anyone tasted a Nectarcot, a nectarine xapricot hybrid?

What about a Peachcot, a peach x apricot hybrid?

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I may had tried one from a local farmers market a couple years ago and the taste wasn’t remarkable.
A couple scions from Robert Purvis of Bill’s Nectar Peachcot finally took after two years trying.First they were grafted to a Puget Gold Apricot with no success.
Last Spring,two grew from being joined to a Bella Gold Peacotum.Maybe they will fruit in 2017.
I sent fruitnut some,but am not sure how his came out.
The only other one I know of that is available,Gurneys has,the Honey Pearls Nectacot. Brady

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Is the Nectarpeachcot a true peach x apricot hybrid?

I know that Honey Pearls are not.

I’m not sure.There is very limited information about the tree. Brady


I have two Bella Golds.

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What do the leaves on the nectar peachcot look like?

@Bradybb and @itheweatherman – are you aware of the PGR’s that Zaiger uses in their breeding processes?

Here is a photo taken as leaves were developing from the new grafts.I did get a successful Black Boy Peach to take as well,but I’m fairly sure these are the Nectar Peachcot.They look Peach like. Brady

Plant Growth Regulators?Honestly,I’ve never heard the term before and had to look it up.So no,I don’t know what or if they are used there.
I did take a little tour of their place,with a propagation group,but most things were kept simple and PGR’s were not brought up. Brady

Yes, I’m aware.

They irridiated Geo Pride’s pollen parent with cobalt.

“The maternal parent (29EB30) originated from a cross between Mariposa Plum (U.S. Plant Pat. No. 111) and a selected plum-cot seedling which originated from an open pollinated Red Beaut Plum (U.S. Plant Pat. No. 2,539) seed. The paternal parent (42GA580) is a plum-cot selection which originated as a seedling from seed of an open pollinated Red Beaut Plum tree that had been grown from budwood which had been irradiated with cobalt. The present new variety was selected from a large group of seedlings, which were grown and maintained by us, one such seedling having especially desirable fruit characteristics was selected for asexual reproduction and commercialization.”

About seven or eight years ago, I created a peachcot tree, but it only grew 12 inches before been killed by potting soil along with three more plants.

Its parentage was F1 Moorpark Apricot, seed parent, x Elberta Peach, pollen parent. The leaves were still kind of oval but they were twice as big than its seed parent and 50% less wider.

I wonder what would the fruit and seed and would’ve looked like?

Gurney’s has a nectacot which isn’t true from what i’ve read. They are good tasting, but small…they have no fuzz. The tree grows like a weed.

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The products I’m aware of are mainly carbon-chemistry compounds.

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I wish that they would sell them in the U.S.A.

I found this picture from the web.

Would anyone in here volunteer to breed a Nectarcot?

I’m in.

We could sucessfully create one by using a self-sterile apricot as the seed parent.

Which apricot should I use?


Hope to taste my first Honey Pearls this year. What is the true lineage of this tree?

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I believe it’s American x Asian Apricot.