Has anyone tried SugarBee apples?

It’s an OP seedling of Honeycrisp.



One of of the big box stored here in SE Ohio had some in. I was surprised that they already tasted mealy to me as if they had been in storage for quite a while. Not anything specail taste wise but good marketing.

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I tried one for the first time just the other day. Very, very crunchy, maybe a little more flavor than honey crisp. I really enjoyed it. Also tried Autumn Glory which was profoundly bland though also very crunchy. Sugar Bee was the far better of the two.


I ate one today. It had an explosive crunch. Not quite as sweet as Honeycrisp but better flavor. Not bad but I’m not a fan of the newer apples. They don’t begin to compare to any of dozens of heirloom apples.

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Had some recently. Pretty decent for a grocery store apple. Very sweet with good crunch and juice. For a new club Apple, i prefer sweetango

I’m with Huvid. SweeTango is the new apple I prefer.

Only problem is sweetango has a fairly short shelf life. It was outstanding in early September this year. Meh by early October. Rotting shortly after that.

Still, when it’s fresh, I’ve rarely tried a grocery store apple to match it.

Old thread, I know

I just bought Sugarbee apples for the first time a couple days ago. Both my wife and I really like them. They aren’t complex in flavor, but the explosive texture and juiciness are certainly positive attributes. Another apple that makes me angry I can’t grow…

I like Sugar Bee also. Juicy, crisp but tender, easy to bite into. Last year they were nearly $4 a pound, this year under $2.

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Well, we knew just like with Yellow Delicious, people the world over would be using offspring of Honeycrisp for the next generation in their breeding programs…and even in their playing with seeds. So, grow a Honeycrisp and plant the seeds, you may end up with one better than Sugarbee or Cosmic Crisp either one!


Yep. I planted a Honeycrisp last fall. Once it produces some fruit, I’ll start messing around with some seedlings for fun. I am liking Honeycrisp progeny better than the original fruit to be honest.

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I tasted this one around November last year at its peak. I find it very similar to Honeycrisp – large fruit, very crunchy, aromatic. But lacking in intense sweetness and tartness that to me is characteristic of a great apple.

This is the kids absolute favorite. Huge apples and I haven’t found the tart side like in Honeycrisp. Just pure sweet.

The wife and I both tried SugarBee this past week. We both enjoyed it and found it tastier than a Cosmic Crisp we tried at the same time. Now if we could grow it…


I just had one for the first time without ever hearing about. I immediately identified the flavor as similar to Red Delicious. The flesh is crisp and course. It’s not bad if you like sweet, low-acid apples with course texture, but it’s not worthy of any special marketing hype.

I tried one and it tasted great. Like what others described, very sweet and crunchy! Would consider growing it.

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but does anyone else thing SugarBee apples taste like the old Red Delicious apples before they started screwing it up by selecting for uniform color and shelf life?

They have the all sweet, no tart, and the crisp flesh like RD used to have. RD’s today are bland and rarely give a good bite anymore (i know, those are the store bought RDs, but that’s what all the growers around here are growing now, too).