Has anyone used P.2 rootstock

Treco says some good things about it. It becomes freestanding. Easy to work. Stools well. And apart from Fireblight; resists a lot of diseases.

I’m very leery of M9 and it’s avalanche of clones. Seems it dies off a lot in various trials.

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My only experience with P2 arrived as a bench graft done by Maple Valley Orchards - 9 years ago already? Hunt Russet was grafted to it, which grew very slowly. Hunt Russet/P2 handled 0°F a bunch of winters, 16° as nearly the first frost in October one year without difficulty. High winds left no strain on the graft union, but the tree stayed all of 7 feet tall in 9 years.

I also had grafted to Bud9 at some point: no FB concerns, easy to graft to; hardy as P2 as far as I can tell. I concluded B9. M9 & P2 were bad ideas in an area that already stunts apple tree growth. In my region Geneva30 yields a tree about 35% of standard as opposed to nearly twice that when grown in NY.

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Great info. I want about a 30-45% tree. What few trials with P.2 seem to show it is a barely slightly better then average fruit yields. I will take fruit, but good vegetative growth is better. I’ve read P.2 loves sandy loams. Which would be good.