Have I resolved nutrient issues?

Are my pawpaw nutrient issued resolving?
Last year a friend gave me 4 potted plants to grow as she plans to move. This spring as they leafed out I noticed the leaves showing distress. I had them parked in a very open sunny spot until I noticed they may be getting too much sun, since they are potted I relocated them to a site underneath my chocolate persimmon tree and fed them for several weeks with wood ash slurry from my fire pit to address and nutrient deficiency. Now the newer leaves appear to be much healthier darker green and have fewer defects. I am not sure what may have caused the holes in older leaves unless it was too much sun while I had them in full sun. All four have been in partial shade for about 6 weeks now.

You can’t really tell without a soil test. For instance Epson salts can mask a multitude of sins; all that magnesium and sulfur can really help the plant pump chlorophyll with just a foliar application regardless of what may be wrong with your soil.

Having said that it is probably overthinking it. On a pot sensible application of a broad fertilizer is all you need. Just test your acidity, if out of whack it would hinder your plant ability to absorb certain nutrients.