Have I thinned enough? Working on getting the brix up

This is a 2 in 1 planting - Honey Kist and Evas Pride on citation planted in March 2016.
I thinned hundreds of fruit and have 16 peaches and 25 nectarines left on the tree. Have I thinned enough?

Other things I have done to improve brix so far

They did not get any water from Nov-March. They were watered once a week in April. Turned off watering all of May. Will be watered once a week in June/July.

I did supplement in Feb with the following with the goal to improve brix -

  • Potassium Sulfate 0-0-53 Plus 18% Sulfur 100% Water Soluble"Greenway Biotech Brand" 25 Pounds
  • The Andersons Humic DG Granular Soil Conditioner - Humic Acid Granules - 11 lb bag
  • Roots Organics Soul Synthetics Amino Aide Fertilizer, 1 quart
  • Grow More 6024 Seaweed Extract 11%, 1-Pint



I would have watered in May (for size) and cut down watering in June. The last month before harvest is the most critical for boosting the brix. @fruitgrower is a brix master and can chime in…


If the fruit are about 8-12 inches apart,then that’s good.bb


It’s not just distance, It’s the ratio of leaves to fruit. Takes about 30 leaves to provide adequate sugar to a single peach (or average sized apple). The thing is that leaves keep multiplying, but a month before ripening it better be up to 30


@Girly, looks good to me, I think we both have had a lot of rain though this spring and may be the most I remember as a fruit grower. It may be tough to get really good brix on those fairly early varieties this season. The most important thing like @Ahmad mentioned is the last month before harvest but I use the same watering schedule all year long. I drip once a week and just enough for the trees to get by. So on a normal season the trees are starting to water stress by mid June continuing through mid september when temps start cooling off. I do like our semi wet springs to get the trees up and growing good before our 95 to 105 degree summers. Looks like you are doing well, good luck!


@Bradybb - Thanks 8-12" mostly but not in all spots. Some parts of the tree had good fruit set and some parts had none - but < 3 fruits on each 30" stick for sure…

@Ahmad - Thanks! I cut the water in May as we had rains :slight_smile: (unusual for May!)
@fruitgrower - Thanks! I’d love to hit brix like yours someday!

@alan - leaf count for brix is new to me - don’t make me go out there and count leaves now :rofl:, my family will think I’ve gone nuts. I usually prune very aggressively so I can net before harvest - will make sure to leave 1:30 leaves. Too late for my cots espalier though… Pruned it a few days ago and hardly any leaves left!



Your Peach/Nectarine planting looks to have a lot of leaves,so to me,that is fine.bb

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You should not water the lawn around the drip line of the tree either or fertilize the lawn around the tree. I ripped out my lawn to plant fruit trees. They are not compatible. Lawns require lots of water where we live, Santa Clara Valley CA. Just a few thoughts.

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Very True :slight_smile: I am working on convincing my family to lose the lawn but they think it will be ugly…

The lawn is also watered only once a week - same sprinklers as fruit trees. . My lawn doesn’t get any fertilizer either!

I messed up :sob: - I sprayed Neem Oil Extract Concentrate | Garden Safe on the peaches, nectarines and apricots to treat for some mild insect/fungal issues. Bottle suggested 2 tbsp but I used only 1 tbsp per gallon and sprayed after sun down at 8:00 pm. The cots did not lose their leaves but all my peaches and nectarines - most leaves turned yellow and falling off the tree.

Wanted to share so you guys don’t make the same mistake I did - DONT use Garden Safe Neem Oil in summer on your peaches and nectarines

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I may have used that before.It was kind of harsh.bb

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I had a similar adventures with that 70% neem oil last summer. Made me wonder what the other 30% was.

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