Have you noticed potatoes lift/close their leaves at night?

Was out by the garden after dark last week. In the moonlight, I saw that all of my potato plants kinda lift their leaves up, at about a 75 degree angle, and slightly fold/close them after sunset. I’ve checked after dark a few other times and they seem to do this regardless of temperature or humidity.

I assume it’s normal, and it’s actually pretty neat. Has anyone ever noticed this?

Mine don’t.

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Mine don’t do that either.

It may be the variety. What variety are you growing?

Three different varieties, and they all do it. Kennebec, Desiree, and German Butterball.

I’ll get pics tonight.


Yes!!! I’ve heard of plants pulling nutrients into their roots at night to protect from predation and I wonder if these are trying to protect their buds. I never noticed it until tonight and I’ve been growing potatoes for over a decade, am I that oblivious? or is there something that triggered it? I live in New Mexico and we are two days into our first heat wave of the year (just broke 100 F the last two days).

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