Having 2nd thoughts on peach tree spacing


When do you graft on those additional cultivars? Are you giving the tree a season to establish, or do you graft them on right away?


It can be done early or late. it doesn’t matter. I have done both. On established trees I try to position the graft on a good low horizontal secondary branch on an existing scaffold. Cutting the scaffold back to the graft and letting the graft take over the scaffold. It might not always work, but is my plan. I’m also renewing the scaffolds on these older trees in doing this. On young trees the scaffolds are replaced with grafts. I first form the basic structure then graft. Probably the best way, but you have to work with what you got, old or young trees. I’m learning as I go along…


OK, thanks.

I’m just trying to plan this all out. The initial plan was to let the peach and nectarine grow the first year and then throw some extras on them the following spring. Right now I’m contending with where to put it all. My wife wants me to put the swing/slide set that we got for the kids in the best/sunniest spot!


Nothing wrong with that! I consider that still early. My trees were 5 years old before I added grafts.


I just checked your profile where you listed all the stuff you grow. I know quite a few items are grafts, and not a lot of trees, but it amazes me how you can cram so many fruit plants in a suburban yard. And on top of that grow veggies too. I guess one benefit is you don’t have to worry about mowing a lot.

I’m done with buying any more trees, the only thing I have on order this year is another row of strawberries. Our county Ag office had some Flavorfest that I couldn’t pass up, got them for $9 for 25 bare root plants. Supposed to be here next month. I asked the agent where they’re ordering them from and he said Indiana Berry, so that’s good.


Where did I hear that again? Lets see how it works out or for how long :joy:


Yes, it is quite overcrowded. I did eliminate some blackberries, and elderberries. Trying to make some room! My daughter bought a lot where my cottage is, and gave over part of it for a garden, so I have a new project and reason to buy more trees! The lot already has 2 peach trees, which I will be grafting to! But I have enough fruit for the family now, and I plan on mostly adding low maintenance fruits there.


Key word is “buy”. :grin: I do have three apples potted up that I grafted last year that need to go somewhere soon. They’re still in the cellar for now. I got three more bench grafts I did last week that are in the closet callusing. Hopefully I’ll see some sprouts in a couple weeks.


I thought your island retreat was really shaded. Or have you had some trees removed? As you prob know, those peach trees will need a lot of hours of sun for ripening. Is access to the island open now?

How many fruit trees do you have on your suburban lot? Are all your pluots on one tree?


Well my cottage, but the lot is wide open. It’s about 1/2 mile away, on the canal on the north channel side. Some shade at the start of the lot, but most is all day sun. 120 feet deep and wide.Well the lot is slightly pie shaped. 120 feet at the canal, 90 feet at the road, 120 feet deep. Front of the lot faces south.

I have 7 in the backyard, and 3 in the front. I have some in pots too.

No, some are on peach trees.

I also have 22 trees at my cottage. 16 are dogwoods (cornus mas) and they also have grafts of various cultivars. I plan on adding 7 trees or so. A mulberry, 3 x hazelnut 2x serviceberry, and 2x jujube. I have 1 sweet cherry on my cottage lot, and a beech tree too… Two peaches and 2 tart cherry trees are already on the new lot That brings the total to 29 trees at the cottage, hopefully by the end of the year.

I do have a fig tree planted to at home, and will put a couple in at the cottage too.
If we count trees in pots, including figs, I have no idea? I have so many!


Ahh, I see. And I guess a finance purchase wouldn’t count either? :wink:

I chose another route. My little piece of land started to get crowded. So I decided to not plant any more fruittrees there!

Instead I bought some more land to plant them there…:joy:


I also bought a piece of land on foreclosure. It took about two years of looking, but it is perfect for my needs. More than I need, even. Can’t get much better soil than former cowyard! The only drawback is that it is 13 miles from home, but a very pleasant rural drive.


Well, I have three acres of cleared pasture land, so there’s that. But, no, I don’t foresee me adding any more trees out there. At least new trees. Gotta take care of the ones I already have, and that’s enough work as it is. Plus, there’s the blue, black, goose, rasp and strawberries to deal with.


I totally relate to your thinking and was just kidding in my post. I am a hobbyist with my fruit trees and therefore don’t need to be as careful with my schedule. I’d like to grow even more trees but it is a difficult task to find appropriete land here. Prices went through the roof over the last 10 years. When I wrote “land” in that post I actually was exaggerating. I am talking about approx. half an acre here. So it really is just a garden (2 now). I’d like to sell some fruit on a really small scale in the future but it’s not that easy to do with all the regulations etc… Time will tell if that will happen. For now I just grow fruit for my family and friends and fun.