Headed nursery trees for tall spindle planting

I already have my tree order in and all 10 trees are on b9 rootstock which is perfect for me to do some espalier training and some tall spindle. After researching the tall spindle system it says to plant unheaded feathered trees but what if the trees have already been headed at the nursery? Can these trees still be used for ts?

Also, does anyone know of a nursery that is catering to the new tall spindle orchard growers.


Dale, as far as heading the trees, I was just reading an article last night which clarified that planting unheaded trees only applies to trees with plenty of feathers. If you are going the TS route, unless you are happy with the amount of feathers on the trees now, I would recommend heading them again and notching above most of the buds. I have purchased over 50 dwarf apple trees in the last couple of years from Cummins and a few other places. The trees were pre headed to around 4 1/2. Most trees were either whips or came with only a couple of feathers, I did not head them and most trees grew only 2 to 4 feathers their 1st year in the ground which was not nearly what I had hoped for. Chris.

Thanks for your response Chris. I found a good article on the subject of increasing lateral branching for ts.