Health risk of growing edibles in vinyl?

A question has come up in another thread. What are the health risks of growing in vinyl? More specifically, growing strawberries in vinyl rain gutters.


I don’t know the answer but I think it might be worth exploring, given what we’ve learned about plastics the last few years. I’m no chemist so I won’t opine, except to observe that the bisphenols are worrisome; whether there are any in vinyl I don’t know.

It should be easy enough to make suitable troughs with cedar or redwood, and not too expensive. Weight might be an issue so you’d want to take that into account- I think I might like the looks of that better too, but that’s me!

I’m no chemist either but I do have a daughter who has her PHD in Chemical Engineering. Needless to say she is trying to teach this old dog how to eat a healthy diet. My opinion is that there would not be any more of a hazard from the gutter than growing in plastic pots. Just an opinion because I certainly don’t know. Bill

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Good point, and now we have to wonder about plastic pots! Thanks a lot, Bill! :smile:

I suppose some of it would have to depend on how hot (how direct the sun was) and such. I know a few months ago we were talking here about rubber tree mats, and I think the consensus was that they’re not that good an idea. Not the same as vinyl or drinking glasses, but you take my point.


If your concerned you could use aluminum gutter, or as stated by Marknmt, use wood.

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