Healthiest Fruits to grow


It seems that ANDI forgot the pizza tree fruit and the corresponding beer nut juice!!


how is the clove currant compare to consort? i have to be discreet and grow only WPBR immune cultivars as Maine still bans currants. this end of the state has very little white pines and i don’t know of any within a mile of me so i think its safe. don’t think they fine you but they would make me destroy my currants. most of new england has allowed them again but maine has strict laws to protect the environment and sometimes is overly protective.


My plant is new, it did have a few berries last year. I would say they have the flavor of black currants except for the aromatic musk flavor. I only tasted a few. I reserve the right to change my mind. Excellent flavor. You can tell it’s a different species as the berries go from green to red to black… I think it’s green at first? I don’t really remember. Leaves are small it doesn’t look like red or blacks. I think it is a slow grower and puts out fewer canes per year. It will take some time to have a productive batch of clove currants.

To help prevent rust, you could hit your plants with copper once in awhile. I have not found any specific fungicide to use. I have not found any info. Pine trees are pruned to eliminate fungus. Fungicides don’t help the trees, and currants are to be removed. Nothing about how to prevent. I hit everything with lime-sulfur in the fall.We have a lot of white pine here, but it’s in upper MI. The southeast corner where I’m at has mostly hardwood trees.


i planted my crandall in june. it did grow some and had 1 flower but it didn’t develop. i don’t spray my consorts unless i see bug damage and i haven’t seen rust on any of them. knock on wood. I’m also looking for the native American golden currant but haven’t found a nursery that ships them.


Their is also a swamp currant that does not mind wet feet at times, and some others. Crandall at times is called golden. I noticed some had solid yellow flowers, and some had a red center, Reports of red, or yellow berry versions exist too.


just ordered 3 golden currants from a colorado vendor on amazon. theyre Ribes Aureum. the Crandall clove is R. Odoratum. reading up on them i never realized there we so many native currants. the golden are supposedly drought tolerant which is ok as the spot i have left for them is gravelly and a dry spot. a good amendment and thick mulching should help them conserve water. they say the goldens are either a male or female plant unlike other ribes that are self fertile.


Yes, but it is also Ribes aureum var. villosum.

I’m looking for

Ribes aureum var. aureum
Ribes aureum var. gracillimum


the vendor just said R. Aureum. ill send them a message and see what variant they are.


Yes, it is confusing. Mine are from Rolling River a CA nursery, Who knows what they really are? I was thinking at worst to order from a different nursery. As I think many are mislabeled anyway. Russia has developed numerous cultivars, but I have never seen any here.

I was researching Ribes aureum var. aureum, it comes from the mountains, probably what the Amazon guy is selling, so worth checking out.
Ribes aureum var. aureum is a sprawling CA coastal plant, not ideal for here.


the vendor just responded back. they said its R. Aureum var. Aureum. they’re 3 for $22 w/ shipping which is pretty good for 9in. plants in 5in. pots. they have good reviews too. I’ve gotten a lot of plants from rolling river just shipping is steep but their plants are good quality .going to put these in a row with my crandall seeing they’re closely related. should help w/ pollination.


I didn’t know there was such a thing as ANDI scores. I’m thankful for your post. I’m always thinking in terms of ORAC values when I’m looking for a healthy fruit. I have aronias, blue grapes, elderberries, sour cherries, blueberries, black currants, haskaps to name a few. Something I can’t grow here and I absolutely love is artichoke!!! They are insanely expensive here. I’d also love to put in some hazelnuts and sea buckthorn.


How many of you know that watermelon has a mild effect similar to viagra?

I miss the humble pepper from this list. It is one of the best sources of vitamin C. I’m also kind of partial to tomatoes though I know they don’t stack up very high in nutrient lists. What would a BLT be without the T? Or if you are vegetarian, just a T sandwich!


Yeh, I was going to point that out and they are the lower callory fruits to begin with. I imagine other fruits would fair better if you measured them by micronutrients per either wet or dry ounce. By micronutrients are we including things like antioxidants, complex vitamins, beneficial fats and fiber?


Awesome, that is what you want, I read on an old garden web thread a discussion of the various golden currants and that variety is the best one. I have been looking for it too, and there it is right under my nose. I’m going to order in the spring, i don’t want them shipping it here now.

All peppers are fairly high in vitamin C. Higher than oranges. I love growing peppers, fun plants to grow, so diverse and all.


its the 1st time I’ve seen this posting in amazon. i buy a lot from them and just stumbled upon it in a search. i asked them to ship at the beg. of may.


Thinking about this list further I think it is not a very constructive way of evaluating the value of fruits- the ratio of nutrients to calories just isn’t very important because most of our calories don’t come from fruit and vegetables to begin with. The concern about calories is related to high rates of obesity in this country and also an obsession to maintain a socially acceptable, trim and attractive body.

The fact is that eating uncooked fruit of most any kind in any quantity is not linked to obesity- quite the opposite. Most fruit creates a sense of satiety reducing the consumption of more calorus and less nutritious food. and tends to help prevent obesity. If you want more nutrients from fruit- eat more of it in the raw form. It won’t hurt your figure and will help your health.


I agree completely and almost all of my fruit is eaten raw. I do love to cook with fruit but as a percentage of total consumption cooked fruit is at 5%. Again it seems my cholesterol which was borderline is now where you want it on both good and bad. The only thing that changed in my diet is eating a lot more fruit. I’m not sure what it is? Other factors too like I have always had borderline thyroid function, apparently not any longer! Maybe it was the Schisandra berries? I’m feeling a lot less tired, my thyroid function used to be low. This was the time of year when it was the worst too.


I can change my cholesterol by 70 points up or down with a 3 day or less dietary intervention, drew. i would not worry too much about it.


I hear rumors that Zaiger is working on a happy hour tree. But alas it will be sold for commercial only :wink:


Alan, Drew, Glib,

I have a feeling my original post is misleading. My apologies if I have confused many folks…

ANDI scores were first published by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I have read a couple of his books and in all his books he emphasizes - Eat more fruits and veggies. He recommends at least 4 fruits & 2 pounds of veggies minimum - no upper limit. The more the better. My breakfast most days is a big bowl of fruits always with berries on top with a drink of matcha.

The guidance is to add a variety of fruits to your diet and try to include ones with higher ANDI score. One should not avoid a fruit because its low in ANDI score. Just add high ANDI fruits to it. All fruits and vegetables are naturally very low in calories.

His books show so may folks who reduced cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, diabetes, etc by eating a lot of fruits and veggies. He says - the more you eat the better it is for you! Like Alan says above raw is specially effective!

I sincerely hope the original post does not misguide anyone to eat less of any fruit. I personally eat a ton of fruit (at least 2 pounds a day). That’s what got me so interested in growing fruit.