Heavy super hail in Texas


Just heard that there was a huge hailstorm in Texas. Softball size … ooof!
:slight_smile: I know Texas is large but was wondering and hoping you were not impacted.


Yeah, it was really nasty. But in the NTX area, closer to me than fruitnut (though who knows, he gets crazy weather out there too). Though I wasn’t affected, I know people who were. But everyone I know is safe, fortunately.

No hail or rain here but it flirted with freezing all night long. My corn and melons barely survived.

Guess we can be thankful for the small favors!


Hail in Tx high plains but its an every year occurence. I was smiling about succesful grafts but now many are broken off. What strawberries the skunks left look like a bomb site. Late freezes had already gotten most stone fruit except tart cherries which make here almost every year. All trees are pretty well defoliated. Looks like a jujube cherry raspberry year.