Height / Planting Order Advice

Hello! I am diving in head-first with an order of 5 different fruit trees coming in April - with no fruit-tree experience, and just what I’ve learned from many many Youtube videos.

The space I have dedicated to them forces me to plant them in a North/South orientation. (Though I’ve heard this is preferred in more Northern regions. I am 6a in Michigan, by the way.)

First I need to mention I am attempting Tom Spellman’s “Backyard Orchard” method where I will be forcing an open-center vase shape and maintain a maximum 6ft height, on all trees. And in the “hedgerow” style.

With that said, I’ve watched enough fruit-tree pruning videos to learn that there will be varieties that will grow faster and more upward than others, like apples and pears. With this in mind, I am trying to figure out my planting arrangement, so that I don’t accidentally put the largest / fastest growing tree in the Southern-most position, shading out the rest. (I intend and hope to keep up with pruning to not let this happen.)

So here is what I bought, please let me know if you are familiar with growing habits and if you have tips on a preferred order (South (smallest/shortest - > to North as tallest).

All bought on Starkbro’s, so I do not know to rootstock, but I will list if I was able to snag the “semi-dwarf” options.

Moonglow Pear - Semi-dwarf
Pineapple Pear
Hardired Nectarine
Redhaven Peach - Semi-dwarf
Methley Plum

Thanks in advance!

If they’re all held to the same height “semi-dwarf” vigor will just get them to the desired size slightly more slowly, so you can stick the nectarine South of the peach and the Moonglow South of the Pineapple. The pears may not be super cooperative and need some branch bending to get them to do anything besides straight up. So you might stick those in the back.

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