Hello from the Brushys

I have just signed on here, please overlook my mistakes in learning the forum membership, ambience and functions which will become familiar. Been here 48 years and the family 200 years. I had no inkling such a place as this forum is a few clicks away. Thanks to a kind Jayhawk Farmer, here I am.

I am officially old in years, with hair on my head hopefully till the last combover. I don’t think an artist could polish me up neatly, so just shut the top closed and go have some fun.

Here is the Brushy Mtns of NC, an escarpment running north to south and east to west, folding down east towards Winston-Salem, and south to Charlotte town.


Welcome to the forum @Appleseed

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welcome sir! we cherish the wisdom of the older folks on here. maybe learn a few things yourself. :wink: