Hello all,

Got an invite from Tony about this site. Looking forward to all the posts about growing fruit trees… I just started getting into grafting and did a few grafts recently. Hopefully they take!

Welcome, Sam!

Welcome Sam


Welcome, I am glad to see you join Us.


Glad you’re here Sam!

thanks for the warm welcome!

i currently have a fuyu(was sold as hachiya) persimmon tree… picked up some persimmon scions recently at the scion exchange. wild pawpaw tree… need to find wood to graft to eventually get fruit, nectarine (grafted various stone fruit onto it… first grafts… hopefully they take… kaffir lime seedlings, cherimoya seedlings, osage orange seedlings, goji berries, blueberries, trying to root some duke avocado wood, flying dragon trifoliate seedlings (future citrus graft). neighbors have some lemon, peach and orange trees overhanging.