Help: Blueberries shrinking further in size every year


It seems every year that my blueberries are shrinking in fruit size more and more every year. Productivity remains the same but the fruit size is noticeably shrinking, and I grow all the large fruiting varieties. Bush growth and productivity are healthy, no disease issues that I’m aware of. I fertilize every spring with about 1/4 cup of ammonium sulfate per bush.

Any advice on cause and how to fix this for next year?

Try a broad spectrum fertilizer? Plants need more than just nitrogen.

At this point a soil test would tell you what’s what, I would start with that. I have been meaning to order one for ages but because everything seems to be working on my yard I have been neglecting that…


i have a few spots in the yard that for some reason wont grow squat. i need to do this as well but it isnt cheap.

I think blues need more ammonium nitrate than that, but smaller fruit size makes me think it’s a moisture issue. Less watering, less mulch, more competition from other plants?


How old are your plants? How much pruning have you done?


Zero pruning, the plants are about 3-4 years since being in the ground. They’re still only about 2-3 feet tall and wide so haven’t considered pruning yet. I probably should. Soil test is a good idea. Thanks for the reminder I was meaning to do it during spring and forgot.

I’m still learning how to prune. I’m trying to follow the recommendations in this link Pruning Highbush Blueberries

It’s the lack of pruning. Prune next winter/spring and you will get bigger berries.


Thank you!!

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When my blueberry bushes get over six canes I start removing some of the older canes. I think this procedure along with fertilizing helps berry size.