Help Grape grafts stalled. Any suggestions please!

Help please. I am in N California and did a bunch of grafting in early Feb this year Cherry , Peach , Apricot , figs and orange grafts all successful and extremely vigorous but the Grape grafts seem to have taken but completely stalled. Very small leafs on the scions about the size of a small fingernail and have remained that way for weeks while the main vine is growing strongly and flowering. This happened on a Thomcord to Concord and also a Concord to a very old vine that appears to be a Thompson seedless but never carries fruit to maturity. Any suggestions please !!

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It’s possible the grafting was too early before there was much vigor in the rootstock. You might try this method if your have dormant scions left or his green on green process later this year. I will be trying both soon. Good luck
Kent, wa

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It sounds like all the vigor of the grape rootstock is going into the original plant not the graft. That can happen if the graft was in the wrong position on the root. Can also be due to not removing the rootstock growth. I’d cut off all rootstock growth and remove any more as it pushes. Try to force the rootstock vigor into the graft.

Is the graft high on the rootstock or down near the base?

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thanks for the suggestions. Yes wondering if it was too early ( Feb 12th ) but had to do it then I was going away for 3 months. The grafts are high on the Thomcord on Concord (more of a topwork really) but very low on the other Thompson seedless.
I do not have scion wood left but have both varieties growing here and was just reading about green on green so will give that a try. Have read a bit about it and hints/suggestions on that would be much appreciated.

Yes, it sounds like you need to do some aftercare (pruning) to ensure the scion is the place where growth is initiated. The position of the graft is important, as is the amount of top growth left.