Help ID Persimmon Disease - Brown Flowers

I have a 2 in 1 planting of Chocolate and Coffee Cake Persimmon planted 2016. The trees have done well.

The coffee cake looks to be thriving and has a nice fruit set but all flowers on the Chocolate have turned brown and tree doesn’t look as healthy…

Any idea what is wrong with the Chocolate?

Thank you!

Left Chocolate Right Coffee Cake

Healthy Coffee Cake fruit set

Chocolate with all brown flowers


Sorry I can’t help. I’ve never seen that before. I’m guessing, but maybe a fungus is causing that? Looks to me like damage is done for this year, So I don’t think there’s anything to salvage. Good thing is that you have about a year to figure out what happened

Thank you!

Spent hours looking online and couldn’t find anything.

I guess I will cut out all the brown parts and spray in summer and fall for broad spectrum fungal issues. Will have to wait until next year to see what comes. What a shame, Its a delicious fruit.

Yes, very strange. I never saw that kind of damage before on my persimmon trees. I think you have a good plan. Won’t hurt to spray for a broad spectrum.

How is your fruit setting same tree this year?

Its doing good this year and has set plenty of fruit! Looks like there was no problem - I think last year the bloom time didn’t overlap and the flowers just wilted and didn’t set fruit and as usual I panicked :slight_smile:

Glad all worked out!