Help identify creepy bug attacking raspberries

Video from last year:

They were ravishing my raspberries. I didn’t get a proper bowel of raspberries to eat even once. Hoping to prepare myself better in year 2.

I couldn’t really spray a pesticide because I need bees to pollinate this thing for me. Next to the fruits are always new flowers.

Recommend contacting your local Ag extension agent to see if they are familiar with the issue and are aware of what your insect may be and any remedies. Video is too small to get an accurate picture of the bugs. I have not seen such bugs on my canes
Kent, wa

Notocelia uddmanniana? Some kind of moth

Found this online…

Spinosad is highly toxic to bees . However, toxicity is greatly reduced once the product has dried on the foliage, within three hours to one day depending on the product. Therefore, avoid use if bees are active, and if applications are needed, apply in the evening when bees are not active and product has time to dry.

Perhaps a well timed spray would work. Notice how late in the evening your bees are active… and spray after that.

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Herald moth ???

Notocelia uddmanniana occurs in Europe and Asia, and does not have the same wing pattern and is a tortrix moth.

The chingchungly moth looks like a noctuid, a different moth family.

The Herald Moth is also not a noctuid, and has a very ragged forewing margin, unlike the straight wing margin of the chingchungly moth. The Herald wing pattern is far more ornate.

After viewing the youtube video at full-size and pausing at the more in-focus frames, I prefer the Red-Lined Panopoda as an ID. I can make out the two lines 1/3 and 2/3 down the forewings, and note the moth has an otherwise plain grayish to buff background without much adornment. These moths do occur in Georgia.

The adult moths could be sipping from damaged or over-ripe caneberry drupelets, but should not bother firm fruit in prime condition. You might try setting out some vinegar traps, for moths just leave the trap top completely open. Perhaps try molasses as a bait also.

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