Help IDing Potential Fruit Tree

My friend bought a house with 3 such trees. I’ve never seen such a tree. It has small fruits but I’m not sure of they are edible. Any ideas what these might be?

Some type of Olive tree?

I was also going to say olive. I’m assuming this is some place with a warm climate.

Thanks guys. The trees look too lush for an olive…at least to my untrained eye. :smile:

Now what are they gonna do with 3 olive trees! A whole lotta martinis I suppose…

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I’m not an expert but this doesn’t look like any olive tree I’ve seen before.

Not an olive but past that I have no clue.

Maybe some variety of pittosporum (not edible)? The leaves and fruit look similar to the mock orange variety.

citrus was my first thought.

My first thought was loquat.

Nope. Not olive, definitely not a citrus tree, and not a loquat, either. We need to know where you are. That will help us better ID the tree.

The plant’s leaves look kind of like English or Cherry Laurel.I have some growing and could supply a photo to compare if wanted.The berries are said to contain cyanide. Brady

The house is located in San Jose, CA

Brady, think you’re correct - Cherry Laurel. They are fairly popular in commercial applications in California, especially further north. They’re fast growing and used as screening trees or boulevard trees in city plantings. Good eye. Bleedingdirt, were the blossoms fragrant?

Ahh yes. This does look like a cherry laurel. I was actually just talking to the guy at the nursery last weekend about laurels. He said they hate them because they make such a mess.

I did a little more reading and one source claims that all parts of this plant are poisonous and care should be taken when handling them.They are on the list of noxious weeds in my area.
Someone planted a row of these years ago,in my back yard area and have grown into a monstrous,thick,high wall.I had to remove one,for a greenhouse and it was no easy task to pull the root out. :sweat: Brady

I asked my brown thumbed friend about the flowers. He has no idea!

Thanks ya’all for all the help!!