Help Me ID My Orange Tree

The tree was doing poorly when I bought my house in 2018. I’ve nursed it back to health now and it has a nice load of fruit. Any idea what variety this is? Fruit is seedless, rind is thick but the sections peel off quite easily. Fruit has color but is about a month or so away from ripeness. I’m thinking this is a Midknight Valencia Orange.


EDIT: Removed Q about ripeness.

Seems too early for a Valencia. I think even in SoCal which would seem to be earlier than San Jose, you’d expect ripening for 4-5 months. Is midknight that much earlier than more standard Valencia?

I removed my previous answer because of the ripening season. Looking at the fruits now, I see a little bit of navel at the end. I’m not sure though, do you have a photo of the fruit cut lengthwise?

Hmmm, then maybe this is a lane late navel orange. I’ll one up length wise.

That would be my guess if it’s a navel orange. Although, even the standard Washington Navel ripens well into late winter here. That one has a more pronounced navel.

That pear shape looks like the Lane late pic from UC lanelate

And here’s a lateral cut pic for you @californicus


Yup, clearly a navel and likely Lane Late. I cut down half of my valencia branches, hoping to add other varieties. Lane Late is on my list and I will hear your experience if it sweetens up in our area