Help.... something eating my peaches I would presume at nigh time

Recently I noticed a peach half way eaten with a maze was created where the peach had been eaten. The next morning I noticed the same peach which had been eaten on the other side with the same look as the first one. So far there have been 3 peaches that are damaged, photos will be below.

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Rodent teeth, I do think.


Rodent. Get a mean cat or a pellet rifle.:pouting_cat:

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I would like to say it’s the work of a chipmunk.

I used to think those little rodents just ran around eating seedlings low to the ground. Well, last week, I was bagg8ng my apples and came face to face with a chipmunk 9’ off the ground. Now I know it can go up high on a tree.

Your peach is on a small twig. Only a chipmunk was light enough to be able to stand on it and gnaw your peach without breaking that twig.


I was having the same issue, but less off the peach eaten. I set mouse and rat traps. Some in the tree and some on the ground. I have been catching mice mostly, but one bird.

No more damage has been found. But as they begin to ripen, I fear the squirrels will prefer the peach over a dab of peanut butter.

I have two cats that are absolute butchers. They bring there kill and display it for me every morning. Mice, squirrels, bunnies. They are brutal. But very effective.


Could be rats too.

From what I can see… It looks more like a bird peck.
If it’s a rodent , it should show two groves from their two front teeth, where as a bird is a single scooped out mark.
If it’s happening only at night, then likely a rodent of some sort ?


My gut says katydids. Those look more like mandible bite marks than rodent teeth. I could only find pictures of fruit with healed damage, though.

Here’s the latest results from last night, wasn’t home so I didn’t stake itout.

Interesting that it only focused on the same peach, very intricate eater. Any other ideas besides traps, cats or guns?

I think I’ll try to set up a Tree Tanglefoot trap with flagging tape.

A night vision camera.I’m interested in finding

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Those look like rodent type bites to me. if it’s all happening at night then mice or flying squirrels (they’re nocturnal) are likely culprits. Rats prob would take the whole thing or eat more at a time.

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Squirrels would pull the whole thing off

I’m thinking the small flying squirrels we have, but I’m on the east coast.

So I saw it’s a big rat, rat poison to rid the critter?

Maybe not such a big rat but it got 5 peaches.


How did you deploy the trap?



Tree rat aka.squirrel.

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It could be birds. The bluejays did a job on mine. I use quart size Ziploc bag I cut the corners off about inch then open the bag and slip it over the peach and zip it shut on both sides enough to keep it on and still breath. Only way I get any.