Help to ID pawpaw varieties


I am writing to inquire about the labeling of my pawpaw trees I received in 2019. I ordered an received Two Susquehanna pawpaw Trees (1 qt size) from two different nurseries. I had expected to see them exhibit similar growth and leaf character but they appear to be very different and I suspect that I now have an unknown variety. IF you are an experienced grower and can assist me, I would like your assistance to tell me which of the two below pic is the true Susquehanna, and what variety you think the other may be.


Dennis Dowdy

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As you can see while both appear healthy and doing well, the leaves on the top pic are about 1/3 the size of the plant leaves in the bottom pic.



The pictures aren’t visible for me.

I have two American persimmon trees that I grafted myself, from the same scion wood. The rootstocks are different, and they are maybe 100 feet apart from each other.

The leaves on one are much larger than the other. The small one also isn’t growing as vigorously, has readder leaves, and dropped its fruit. I suspect some combination of soil, watering, and rootstock is the explanation.

You may have 2 different cultivars grafted to your trees, or it may be that the seedling rootstocks or growing conditions are responsible.

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The leaf stem on Susquehanna is (Atleast on my trees) really short compared to other pawpaws i have seen.
Share pics of the stems as well as the leaf

Susquehanna vs Wabash leaf stem

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Whoa! I thought I was pretty observant but I’ve never noticed that bit of detail on mine. Cool.