Help Wanted: Peach, Plum, and Pluot scion advice

I just purchased five P. Americana bareroot plants. Was looking to graft some Redhaven scions onto American plum rootstock. However, I am also considering other peaches, plums, and pluots. Note: I own a Santa Rosa plum and Redhaven peach trees.

  1. I was looking at Burnt Ridge scions for peaches and plums. Only varieties that caught my eye were Indian Free peach and Superior plum. Was wondering if I should consider any other peach and plum varieties by Burnt Ridge?

  2. In regards to pluots. The only scions I could find was Flavor Grenade at Skipley Farm. Are there any other websites that offer pluots? Also are any of the other Skipley Farm plum varieties worth considering?


Most pluots are still under patent so, as far as I know, they cant be sold as propagating material to the public.

The best ones are no longer or very close to expiring like Flavor King, and F. Supreme.

On those lists Mericrest nectrine, and the plums Toka, Beauty, and green gage are good ones from what others have said. They are on my want list too. Although I have all the scion I need this year. If the Indian Free fails, just ask me next year for scion. I can’t harvest now, they are starting to grow.

So you think Indian Free is a must? That’s the peach/nectarine I’m leaning towards.

Yes, but it is very late ripening. I’m in 6a too and it Ripens the first week of October. As long as you don’t have frost by then. We do not here. Not exactly warm, but the fruit is excellent all the same. You also need a good regular peach, Redhaven is perfect. Fruit from my Indian Free last October.

The little Indian Free I have really produces. On Citation so rather small.


Ordered Indian Free peach and Beauty plum. Redhaven and Santa Rosa should be good pollinators for both?

Yes, sounds fine to me. Both plums are partially self fertile, if low yield, add Satsuma, or Shiro, a kinda boring plum, but grows probably better than any other plum in our area. And is a universal pollinator. Satsuma is a good one. You can get scion off of me next year. If grafting to rootstock, once tree grows out a few years, you can add pollinators directly to Santa Rosa or Beauty… My tree will still be here.
I have a weeping Santa Rosa, not super hardy here, but mine looks good, first winter, and a long story, it was only 12 inche high. The scion died back when planted to just above the graft. I’m reforming central leader. Far from done by the end of the year last year. Still growing the main trunk out. It’s green and alive.
All gardening is local, so if one doesn’t go as planned, just try something else.
Superior and Toka go together both American-Japanese crosses, as do Beauty and Santa Rosa both Japanese plums. Superior and Toka probably would have worked better, but what you choose should work too. I think what I listed was the best choices to try. Tony in zone 5 grows Beauty and has no problems. Many grow Santa Rosa. I want scion of Beauty someday!
Green Gage is a euro plum, self fertile, and suggested for our area. I have to get a tree one day of many of the gages, and see what works for me.Many types out there.

ANY peach will pollinate Indian Free. Redhaven is self fertile 100%. You can just grow that.

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Thank you for all your help!