Help! what are these black bugs eating my blossoms?

What are these, and how do I get rid of them? My pear and cherry trees are infested with 100’s of these things and they seem to be eating the blossoms. Is it possible to get rid of them and still be able to attract bees?

D’anjou pear

Lapins cherry

Looks to me they are mainly eating the frosting not the vitals. If you can live with them that would be a good choice. Especially on fruits that overset.

Thanks, I probably will just live with them. I wonder what it is about the pear and cherry blossoms. They didn’t really bother my peach/nectarines or the plum/pluots, just a few here and there

Steve, capture a few in a jar. Take good photos of the bug, and send those photos, as well as the photos you’ve uploaded and send them to UC Davis or to your local Master Gardener group to ask them to ID the bug for you, and then provide a treatment option. They may just be annoying and not reduce your fruit production, but, any sort of sucking or chewing insect can also be a vector for other diseases. So, maybe trying to find out what this is, and whether it is worth treating would be a good idea. I have no idea.

Patty S.

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