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I purchased this fig from kremp this year acclimated it per instructions and it was doing fine. Planted it and it did fine when we had 60-70 degree days started to show slight new growth . We’re hitting 80s and it just slowly dying and losing leaves. I’m at a loss should I dig it up and put in a big pot for a year? Move it? I’m going to put board up try to protect it from another 80 tomorrow on Sunday. I watered it yesterday and gave it slight fertilizer hoping it will perk up but don’t know as today it just still look sick. Any ideas?

I am no expert, but I have Atreano and Black Mission in pots (they were rooted plugs when I received them). It seems like when I put them in direct sunlight they look pretty sad but enjoy the partial shade for now. I expect as they harden off their leaves will perk up, so maybe give them some afternoon shade until they get bigger?

If it looks ok in the mornings and evenings it is probably fine. I plant them through black ground cover in June and it isn’t unusual for some to wilt enough to lose all of their leaves if it is really hot, they were all fine though.

If the site is well drained you shouldnt have to worry about overwatering, most of the roots will still be in the original ball and will dry out much quicker than the surrounding soil. Do you have all of the potting mix covered with native soil and or mulch?

No mulch it’s been almost two weeks in that spot here is a pic I put a board to add shade. @hoosierbanana
image image

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I’ll add mulch tomorrow as well

Figs do have heat limits, and they can get fungal infections. My figs in pots have some trouble with both, but the in-ground one is perfectly fine in the solid red clay that pretends to be soil around here.

It is also possible you are watering it too much, although that is always a pain to pin down.