Help with grafting

Where can I get a beginner lesson on grafting.



Where do you live?

What do you plan to graft, and what kind of grafting?

For example, if you’re grafting apples and pears you’ll have easier going at first than if you choose some of the touchier ones. If you’re grafting rootstock inside for later planting out you’ll have better control over variables. If you plan to graft in the spring you might want to do cleft, whip, or whip and tongue grafts, and in the summer it’s more common to do buds and chips.

If you search this forum you’ll find several excellent, wide-ranging discussions, and there are a few tutorials created by users here. And you can ask tons of questions because lots of us love to talk about this stuff.

Go to Knoxville and turn north for about 2 hours, I may start grafting next Sunday.

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The Grafter’s Handbook is available as a $4 e-book, it has really great diagrams and explanations of when to use different techniques.

It’s a little dated (e.g., I think most people use parafilm or similar materials now, the book has recipes for making waxes and stuff), but mostly still applicable I think.