Help with mulberry variety selection

I have 3 mulberry seedlings that I want to graft in spring, but little info is out there on the best types.

England’s is offering these: ”ILL Every Bearing X, Kokuso A x M x N, Shangri-la A, Hunza’s
Black A, Rupp’s Romanian ?, Geraldi’s dwarf, Wellington R, Taylor #1, Taylor # 2, G-1 and Other assorted cultivars"

I guess I could just ask for a few sticks of his favorite, but curious if anyone has any input. His catalog speaks highly of GH1.

I would add that you are looking for cultivars that “work” in USDA hardiness zone 6b.


I only have experience with Illinois Everbearing. It is very vigorous and good tasting. I haven’t read anyone with personal experience mentioning a better choice for zone 6b.

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The only caveat I would give for Illinois Everbearing is that it is a large tree. Mine is easily 25 feet tall, with regular pruning and 30+ feet in diameter.

Kokuso has stayed smaller for me, at least so far.


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If you are still fighting for space. I would go with Geraldi’s dwarf of the ones you listed I am familiar with. A few of those I do not know. I grow ILL Everbearing, Kokuso and Shangri-la as well as some others. I know a couple folks have posted not caring for it here, but I like the taste very similar to I.E. taste on a small tree which is why I suggest for you. It’s and small compact dwarf and if you are still at same location space is at premium and on a tree easy to keep around 6 feet and attractive form and loaded with fruit as a dwarf and short nodes mine is always covered. Considering you would not have a healthy Nigra in your climate which would also be smaller. I could send scion if you wish


Thanks Phil, that might be the winner. Space is always at a premium here!