Help with Orchard soil test results please


I am wondering if anyone can help with these recommendations
I had a soil test done by International Ag Labs. These are the recommendations they gave me to be applied this fall

Recommendations For IAL Lab Number 2931
Paul Christensen – Small Apple & Pear Orchard
Mix & Broadcast Per 1,000 Sq. Ft.:
30 lbs. Soft Rock Phosphate
5 lbs. Ammonium Sulfate
4 lbs. Epsom Salts
½ lb. Iron Sulfate
½ lb. Manganese Sulfate
¼ lb. Copper Sulfate
¼ lb. 20 Mule Team Borax

My first question is should I broadcast these over the entire orchard or just to the drip lines of each tree?
My entire orchard is about 7,000 square feet.

My next question is some of these seem to come in powdered form and some in granular form. Should I just mix them all together and spread with a rotary broadcast spreader?


Spread over the entire orchard. You will have a hard time getting soft rock phosphate through drip lines.


I didn’t mean drip irrigation lines, I mean the trees dripline as in the area that the canopy of the tree covers.


I would suggest mixing these ingredients in something like a wheel barrow or on a concrete pad with 100 lbs of Milorganite. Spritz the Milorganite with a mist of water as you go and mix it all thoroughly. I suspect the recommendation is to disperse evenly over the 7,000 square feet. The Milorganite acts as an extender and then you can apply it with a rotary spreader.


It would be tough to broadcast trace minerals like boron, copper, manganese and iron.
For those
You’d be better to calculate a spray pattern
as a % of the orchard,
Walk a section, say 3 x 30 feet
Fill a 3 gallon sprayer
Walk thru the 3 x 30 feet test pattern
Calculate the liquid solution used during the walk
Divide the Orchard area by the test pattern
That number should be close to the amount of water you need to spray the whole thing.
Add one of the trace minerals to the water.
may also need a surfactant to keep the minerals in solution.


Thanks for the advise everyone,
So far I have found Manganese Sulfate and Iron Sulfate in granular form instead of powder. Should be easy to spread.
Now I need to find a source for Soft Rock Phosphate.