Help with pruning newly planted dwarf apple

Hello, all.

This past fall, I planted six apple trees, two of which are on B9 rootstock. I’ve read a couple dozen pieces of literature on pruning, and it all makes sense–until I approach the trees with my shears in hand.

I understand the philosophy of pruning a semi-dwarf tree that is free standing. What I would like to know is whether the same holds true for a dwarf that’ll only be 25 percent of standard size, permanently staked, and is expected to bear fruit much sooner.

Do the same general rules apply–head at ~30 inches, remove limbs any lower than 18 inches above ground, etc.?

Some will suggest heading at 28 inches but 30 is in the ballpark. A great book is “Grow a Small Fruit Tree” by Ann Ralph. Very clear instruction.

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I have 4 dwarf trees. Going back I would left as more low branches as possible. I have one tree like that and the other two have formed branches at about 2-3 feet above ground. They grow slowly and extra branches increase yield. I think that they also make the tree more stable.

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