Help with pruning plum trees (second year?)

Any suggestions on how to prune these plums? They are all semi-dwarf European plum trees, purchased in 2020 as 3-4 or 4-5 foot trees. They were planted fall 2020 or spring 2021, then dug up and moved to the new house in fall 2021. Because it was warm, they had some time to establish and seem alive and happy now (dormant, but alive). I’m not sure if that means they are first year, second year, or some other year old trees. Varieties are Stanley E, Prune D’Ente 707, and Long John European.

I am awful at pruning trees…well, pruning anything really. I have zero confidence. Any suggestions on what to do with these? One seems to have a nice shape, but the other two are very tall and awkward. I am very short (and a bit awkward, too). The cages are 5 foot tall for reference. I’ve read and watched so many conflicting things about pruning them that I’m completely confused. Should I cut the long top branches back to keep them shorter? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Yes,at least a third of the length can be cut off the longest branches.When doing that,make the cuts,just above an outward growing bud.
If there are any inward pointing branches,then remove them entirely.
Spreaders can also be used,to train some to wider angles.
It’s really your choice,to how tall the trees will be.

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Thank you!

@Bradybb So, in the first picture, the branch that is the lowest on the left swings back in towards the trunk - I should cut this one off at the trunk? For a large cut, do I need to dress it with anything (really, really new at fruit/pruning)? I haven’t read anything suggesting that I do, but I want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

I assume it would all be good scionwood? Should I store it like my apple scionwood in case anyone wants it? (is that likely?).

That could be removed,or else tie a piece of string,about half to three quarters of the way up and stake the other end,so that the branch is pulled down and away from the trunk a little.Leave it that way for a several months.
I don’t use a dressing,but have seen it done,when bark grafting,with anything over,say two inches.
Sure,that should make nice scion wood.

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