I would like to know how many fruit trees I can plant in a row 32 ft long. Espalier would be the trees.

1 very large tree or 32 really small trees

Seriously though I would probably go for a 8’ spacing.


Figure out how wide you want the espaliers to be then add it up. 6 foot wide espalier gives you enough room for 5-6 of them total. Six foot spacing. Unless you have some deer protection I would advise against espalier.

Mine are tall spindle and are 3ft apart and so far have no regrets. This year i am getting rid of my row of blackberries and planting apples 18 inches apart at a 45deg angle in oblique cordon fashion. All my trees are on Bud 9 rootstock. I have 85 trees in approx. 160x50 space.

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Thanks for your information, will help.

Thanks I was thinking about maybe 6 trees



Would love to see some pics of this! Are there pics of any of your espaliers on here anywhere? @thepodpiper

Also I would love to see whatever you come up with as well @Popeye , espaliers have interested me for sometime and is something I might want to try as well but need to research it more.

These are some of the pics I have on my phone, I have 3 more espaliers but cant find pics.The others are tall spindles from a couple years ago. Hope these help in some way.


Looks awesome! Thanks for those pics :+1: