Henry Morton’s Apples

Does anyone know where someone could obtain a list of all the apples Henry Morton once sold? I have his 86-87 catalog but there’s many apples he had a hand in saving that aren’t listed there. I see Cranberry of North Georgia, Winter Sweet, and many others that escape my memory listed as apples he once sold. Hoping someone may know others other than what is in that one catalog floating around. Thanks!

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Ron Joyner at Big Horse Creek Farm NC would know if anyone does.


I’ll inquire with them. Thank you.

I have often wondered if Henry Morton’s place is still there. Even if any of his old apple trees are still on the property.

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According to his map from his 86-87 catalog this was the site of his nursery. The driveway into it is even called Morton Rd.


Thank you for the update. I am glad his place is still there. So many places have been torn down and replaced with plat housing or a shopping center.

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